The effect of the developing and changing Electronic Bridge Equipment and Electronic Navigation Charts on Intelligent Maritime Transportation Systems

Usluer H. B.

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Applications, vol.5, no.1, pp.116-125, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


It is seen that high technology and its products work to meet every stage and need of human life and navigational safety in the maritime sector. Electronic systems have been developed and are used today as a result of the search for alternatives to the well-known and approved classical methods used in safe navigation on the world's seas. Electronic systems are susceptible and more accurate than classical methods and significantly benefit maritime transport. Bridge electronic systems and infrastructures supporting its components also work with advanced technology products. In this context, electronic navigational charts - ENC, Electronic Chart Display Information systems - ECDIS and Automatic Information systems - AIS are undoubtedly the best examples. These and similar bridge and auxiliary devices ensure the safety of navigation on both national and international seas and oceans and cause a decrease in human error rates. This study mentions the positive effects of high-tech bridge navigation systems developed in the maritime sector on maritime transportation.

Key words: Maritime Transportation, S-57, ECDIS, Strategy of Maritime Management, Intelligent Maritime Transportation Systems.