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Memory Shaping in Migration Age: Amal's Walking

GLOCAL Conference on Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology Linguistic Anthropology 2022, Athens, Greece, 19 July 2022 - 23 February 2024, pp.353-358 Sustainable Development

Diasporic Audiencehood: Watching Home From Distance

International Association of Media and Communication Research: "Cities,Connectivity and Creativity", İstanbul, Turkey, 01 January 2011

Medya ve Kültür 5. Kültür Araştırmaları Sempozyumu, Zonguldak, Turkey, 2 - 04 July 2009

Küreselleşen Dünyada yerel Muhalefet için Alternatif bir Buluşma Alanı: Yerel Web Siteleri

1st International Congress on Social and Economic Issues Shaping the World’s Future: New Global Dialogue, Isparta, Turkey, 01 July 2009

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Constructing Multicultural Society on Web: Minorities on Information Society

in: Management and Participation in the Public Sphere, Mika Markus Merviö, Editor, IGI Global, Pennsylvania, pp.323-336, 2015 Sustainable Development

Global Media Entertainment: Star Search

in: From Here to Diversity: Globalization and Intercultural Dialogues, Clara Sarmento, Editor, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle Upon Tyne, pp.195-206, 2010




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