How and why feminists use the podcast area in Turkish?

Engindeniz İ.

Gemma and Media Matters International Conference, Rome, Italy, 15 - 16 October 2021

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Unpublished
  • City: Rome
  • Country: Italy


The usage of the podcast raised remarkably in 2020, the year of the pandemic COVID-19[1]. According to the report of the podcast measurement company Chartable, it is possible to talk about “The Golden Age of Podcast” without forgetting that it was also said in 2014[2], in 2015[3] or in 2019[4]. However, the report shows that “2020 saw a more than 280% increase in the creation of new podcasts”. As for the content in Turkish it tripled in 2020 and the new podcast device growth was more than five times than the past year. This is one of the reasons to make us work on podcast. Another raison is that “(…) RSS-based functionalities – such as podcasting – are less prone to algorithmic agency”[5] which makes a research less vulnerable by the effect of algorithms.

As we are witnessing the raise of podcast and the decrease of women rights in Turkey, we would like to research on an eventual feminist podcast sphere in Turkish. To do so, we will list all Turkish podcasts found via the key words “feminism” and “feminist” (in Turkish) to be able to give a general quantitative view. To have a deeper knowledge on the subject, we will analyze the first publications sensed to give information about the producers, their objectives, and the eventual content of the future podcasts. Then, we will contact producers to understand their motivations for podcasting. We will also try to understand if the podcast is / can be a way to bring together feminists via a voice, via the feminist voice, who are surrounded by a hostile environment created by State’s politics.

Key words: Podcast, feminism, Turkey, feminist voice, gender

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