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The Retailing Research Group (PERAR) was established in 2019 as a part of Galatasaray University Business Research Center. Currently, the group includes 1 Prof., 2 PhD students and 1 M.A. student.

Retail industry is all about rapid changes and transformations. This is because retailers are the touch points of companies/brands to the consumers, and also they act in a highly global environment. On that sense, current knowledge is vital in this industry.

The PERAR Group aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on retailing-related issues, and hence, to increase the cooperation between the retail industry and the academy.

The research are as below:

  • Omni-channel retailing
  • Multi-channel retailing
  • Consumer behavior
  • International retailing

You can also follow our work from our site: https://medium.com/@perarekibi